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Pendulums - Scary contraptions of the occult, or visual representation of energy?

Hello beautiful souls! Let's Chat About Pendulums. After a recent event that happened with my kiddo, I think a little education is in order.

I was first introduced to pendulums in my hypnosis training. Pendulums aren't something that ever came up previously in all of my counseling and psychology experiences, so it was completely new to me. I was asked to do the same test that I perform with my clients now, to test the strength of the connection to the subconscious mind. As an incredibly analytical person by nature and training, I was absolutely amazed to see that pendulum swing with just a few simple instructions given by my trainer and colleague. He was across the room and could in no way be physically effecting the pendulum movement I was experiencing. I was sold on learning more about this thing. When I did my later trainings in EEC work, I was enlightened on further uses of the pendulum for answers from the subconscious and higher self.

As I become more proficient in using the pendulum, my kids started to take notice. My daughter was most interested and asked for her own pendulum to practice with. Unbeknownst to me, my darling child brought her pendulum to school one day. She was excited about this new skill and wanted to show friends - completely innocent reasoning from her perspective. I never used it in any way except for in highest good, so she didn't have any reason to think a pendulum could be seen in a negative light. Wellllll, I received texts from a shaken and crying child from the school bathroom. As she was showing a friend when there was a free moment, another student came over and started loudly calling her a witch and stating "get the torches" with his posse of miscreants. GET. THE. TORCHES.?! They were making references to burn my child, she was shaken, and I was both horrified and enraged that our culture is still this misinformed and living in the dark ages. FYI, there apparently weren't any school consequences for that little monster either.

So, let's chat about pendulums. Pendulums are tools - tools like anything else that have no function on their own. Without someone or something to move them, they will just lie on the table without movement. Pendulums rely on the energy of the earth's movement or the energy of people to function. Just as a knife can be used to cut vegetables...or other people...pendulums themselves are not bad or good. All tools can serve multiple purposes, entirely based on their user's motives. I'm sure someone out there has used pendulums in the past with evil intent, but that isn't anything myself or my colleagues do.

Pendulums also offer a visual representation to clients of the work we're doing. In EEC work, I ask the client's higher self what emotions are trapped in the client's body and I use the pendulum to show the client their answer. I keep my mind clear to not interfere with the answer, and also try not to look at the emotions listed until the pendulum gives me the answer of which one to start with. Everything is energy - the pendulum just helps visually show that connection. I do not have to ask your energy out loud either. I can actually do this all in my head - your energy hears me. Don't ask me how, but it does. I choose to do it out load so my clients can visually see the pendulum answer my questions. It's weird but amazing and powerful. Honestly, I'm still getting used to it myself. We are not taught how powerful energy is, and how truly powerful we are while growing up. I am experiencing this right along with you all.

Again in Hypnosis, pendulums are only used for the highest and best good of the client. Since hypnosis in my setting is used for mental health and wellness, it would be counterproductive to use it to harm my clients. I use the pendulum to connect with a client's higher self and subconscious mind, usually to find out what emotions are blocked in the body, and whether or not our work together has released them. Imagine if I used the pendulum to find out that "murderous rage" was the emotion that was blocked. Ok, good, now lets heal and clear that would be my answer. Seriously though...murderous rage is not on our list of emotions to clear. The only person in danger of that pendulum work would be me.

So in conclusion, the pendulum is a tool used in Hypnosis to assess which blocked emotions may need some work, answer yes/no questions, and is only used for the highest good of the client. At no time will I use a pendulum to find out your secrets or for evil intent - not something I/we do. The future is also always changing, so please don't ask me any future related questions either.

So, are we clear? Pendulum good, hypnotist good, no mentioning of burning little girls for trying to use one. Thank you.

Side note: Sarcastic wit keeps me sane these days. I will be completely professional in sessions. In writing...well...that's another story.

Side side note: I made a short video on YouTube about the pendulum test if you're curious and want to practice from home. The more the pendulum swings with the directions, the more open your subconscious is and is ready for hypnosis, so get practicing!

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