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Enlightened Earth Hypnosis

Sarah Johnson, Certified Consulting Hypnotist


Specializing in Interactive Hypnotic Sessions for Emotional Health, Empowerment, and Growth.

Have a particular life obstacle or challenge you’re trying to overcome?  Are there things in your life that emotionally trigger you without explanation?  Have you tried traditional doctors and mental health modalities without receiving the results you're seeking?  As a committed, professional Hypnotist in Rochester, NY, your well-being and emotional wellness are my priorities. I’m happy to guide you through all of life’s challenges with the attention and care you deserve.

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"Most people walk through the world in a trance of disempowerment.  Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment." - Dr. Milton H. Erickson

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What is Hypnosis and How Does It Work?

First and foremost, hypnosis is nothing to fear!  Hypnosis is a relaxed state, similar to meditation.  You are awake and aware the entire time, and fully in control.  Hypnosis used for mental and emotional health is nothing like the media sensationalizes it to be.  I cannot and will not control you, nor do I have a desire to do so.  You cannot get "stuck" in hypnosis, and you will not do anything you aren't comfortable with doing normally.  

Hypnosis is the process of speaking directly to the subconscious mind and/or higher self, where true change and growth occurs.  If there is a block to change in your life that you can't seem to get over or through, it is most likely your subconscious mind at work.  Through hypnosis, I work with people to help them move beyond their fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, and challenges to experience mental and emotional healing and empowerment.

No two client sessions are exactly alike, but they all have a beginning, middle and end.  Each session begins with a relaxation similar to a meditation, then the middle of each session involves the "change work" that is specific to what you came in for, and then I bring you back into the present feeling refreshed and relaxed.  

I've found that there are two main categories for hypnotic work - scripted sessions and interactive sessions.  There are many schools of thought and technique within these two categories.  I specialize in interactive hypnotic work, including Current and Past Life Regressions and Enhanced Energy Communication work (i.e. Emotional Energy Healing and Clearing).  While I still perform scripted sessions if desired, I find interactive work to yield more profound insight, healing and empowerment for my clients.  More detailed information regarding the different session options will be available in the blog section of this website, and on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

In-Person Hypnosis programs are all individualized for each client's needs.  I offer a few general scripted sessions at a reduced rate on this website under the "Audios for Purchase" section at the top.  These are a cost effective alternative for anyone that would like to try hypnosis on their own and to see if my voice and style work well for you or suppliment in-person sessions.  I do not offer Regression work in general audio format.  I highly advise exploring Regression work with trained and certified professionals to navigate the maze of the subconscious successfully, especially for those new to Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is like any other mental health field - you have to find the right practitioner fit for you.  This is why I require a New Client Consultation prior to beginning Hypnosis work.  I'm human, so I fully acknowledge that I won't always be the best fit for every person and vice versa:).  

The more emotionally open you are, and the more ready for healing, growth and change, the more you will get out of your sessions.  

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Uses for Hypnosis

There are hundreds of uses for Hypnosis.  Each individualized session at Enlightened Earth Hypnosis is customized to fit client need.  Hypnosis is a joint process of feedback with the client to create the best programs possible for success.

Hypnosis works for most adolescents and adults, and some children over age twelve.  I may accept a few children younger then twelve depending on the maturity level and their interest level.  Anyone with an open mind, a strong desire for change, and the ability to use their imagination can be hypnotized.  However, hypnosis is not recommended for people experiencing active cases of 

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*Emotional Triggers

*Sports Enhancement

*School Confidence and Success

*and Many More!

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*Unexplained Fears/Phobias


*PTSD/Grief and Loss

*Weight Loss/Gain/Body Image

*Physical Pain

*Smoking Cessation 

*Involuntary Body Issues

*Confidence and Success


*and Many More!

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Current and Past Life Regression Work

*Ask any question you have about yourself

*Find the root cause of unexplained physical issues, including weight loss/gain

*Find the root cause of unexplained emotional issues, including anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, habits, etc.

*Emotional healing for trauma

*Discover the origin of birth marks and port wine stains

*Possibly connect with loved ones who have passed, including miscarriages (find answers)

*Find the reasons why you my feel connected to or repelled by particular places or people

*Answer all of your relationship questions

*Deep level cell memory healing

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Enhanced Energy Communication (EEC)

*Emotional energy work 

*Identifying specific emotions and working together to heal and clear them

*Great for anyone and everyone (we all trap emotions at some point in our bodies)

*Helps with unexplained physical pain, including fibromyalgia and other "hidden" diseases, disorders, and challenges

*Good for end of life energy clearing

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What's the Process to Start?

First: We set up a New Client Consultation that lasts about an hour.  Consultations are offered currently for a low rate, and are typically conducted Monday - Friday in the afternoons before 4:30pm, so please plan accordingly.  During the Consultation, I get a little family history from you, and we discuss the goals you have for Hypnosis.  We do a fun experiment to see how open your subconscious is, and answer any questions you may have.  

Next: Session Decisions and Payment.  During your Consultation, if you feel good about everything we discuss, we will get started by filling out the paperwork and deciding on sessions and payment.  You are more than welcome to wait and think it over as well.  All payments are made in advance of Hypnosis work, and preferably not the day of.  I like to keep the energy of monetary transaction and emotional energy work separate.  I highly suggest not starting Interactive Hypnosis work until you are ready emotionally and financially.  Unfortunately New York State does not allow us to take insurance, so my current prices reflect the price point that is low enough to encourage multiple hours and multiple sessions while still allowing me to stay in business.  All of my current prices are listed on this website for your review.  Session packages offer you a price break and assurance that prices won't rise in the middle of your Hypnosis work.  Prices do change on occasion to meet with the costs of doing business.  FLEX Spending Cards can sometimes be used for Mental and Emotional Hypnosis work, and I can offer a receipt if asked for you to submit to insurance.  Like most of my colleagues, I have a no refunds policy for all Hypnosis services.  If you choose a hypnosis package, and decide not to continue, I do allow you to turn the unused sessions into gift certificates for family instead of a refund.

Sessions: Once you decide on sessions and submit payment, it's time to get you on the schedule and start the adventure into your healing and empowerment!  Most hypnosis sessions are conducted in the evening and weekend hours.  During COVID I cannot offer blankets or comfort items, but you are welcome to wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket if you'd like.  I require masks at this time, and health checks prior to arrival.  I highly suggest bringing a water bottle to hydrate afterwards.  I'll make a copy of your session recordings (if the technology cooperates) if you bring a Flash Drive with you.  I am taking handwritten notes the whole time as well, but sometimes people need to hear the words coming from their own mouths to trust in what they experienced.  It usually takes a few sessions for people to trust in the information that comes from the subconscious mind and higher self - it's not a process we're taught often and takes some getting used to.  The only things I require from you for your sessions are an open mind, willingness to confront areas that need healing, and honesty.  If you're not experiencing something as I'm saying it, tell me!  The more honest you are, the more I can pivot and navigate that subconscious maze with you to get the most out of your sessions. 

Between Sessions: I am available by text between sessions if anything comes up.  For the next 7 years of my life, I am a Mother first and Hypnotist second, so phone calls and emails are harder to get to quickly.  I may not be able to get back to you immediately, but I will answer much quicker by text.  The more you communicate, the more we can figure out your individual needs.  I also highly encourage journaling if information comes to you between sessions organically or in vivid dreams.  Sometimes with Interactive sessions, spontaneous current and past life recollections will come to you between sessions the more you open up to this experience.  

When Your Session Package Ends: I leave it completely open to clients with how many sessions they'd like to invest in at a time. Your healing depends entirely on how deeply rooted the presenting issue is, and how your slow or speedy your subconscious is in allowing healing work to be done.  If there's resistance, it will certainly take longer to break through it.  If the presenting challenge/issue is deeply rooted with many connections in the past, we may be able to get through all of the connections or only some.  You are always welcome to return at any point, even years later if needed.  I don't know if I'll ever "retire" from doing this work:)

Who I Can and Cannot Work With:  I can work with almost anyone that is open to this experience.  Exceptions would be anyone actively engaging in drug or alcohol abuse, or individuals in the midst of untreated Schizophrenia or delusions.  Hypnosis involves a lot of imagery and requires a clear mind.  Individuals experiencing the above mentioned challenges that are in active treatment with the appropriate doctors may be considered, if and only if the appropriate paperwork is filled out to allow me to work in conjunction with your medical professional.

A Note About Past Lives:  I believe in transparency and honesty in this experience.  Therefore I don't make it a secret that I started this work in the first place after seeing how much past lifetimes impact our current lifetimes.  Some people come in specifically for Past Life Regressions, and others end up their unexpectedly when addressing a particular issue.  The knowledge of Past Lives just in my past two decades of living has drastically changed the way I experience life, and I would highly suggest anyone that works with me to at least consider the possibility for your most complete healing experience.  I will not push this on anyone, but I can tell when someone is resisting the information that they happen upon, and thereby limiting their full healing and empowerment.  I am learning more daily from my clients about reincarnation, something completely foreign to me previously, and of course not taught in all of the years I have worked and studied in the fields of Psychology and Counseling.  I have plenty of resources to share, and some are mentioned in my blog posts.  I don't typically do Past Life Regressions for entertainment value, since healing work will often be needed for anything traumatic that's encountered (it's not all traumatic).  As with all Regression work, I encourage multiple sessions to get the most information and benefit as well.

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