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What My Clients Are Saying

I had unique experience of having a past life regression done last night.  I went into the office with a huge amount of interest and small amount of skepticism that it "wouldn't work on me", and I walked out with goosebumps and a huge sense of wonder!  The experience was truly amazing!  The information, understanding, and sense of peace I gained are truly remarkable.  Images, smells, and details came easily and vividly.  I was even able to recall names, dates, and the faces and experiences stayed with me as I came back out of hypnosis.  They were so clear. I highly recommend this experience!  I've also had a relaxation session with Sarah, and those who know me know it takes a lot to get me relaxed.  Sarah has a gift that everyone should experience.

Shannon R.

I had a past life regression with Sarah.  It was quickly apparent she was going to make me feel comfortable, and help me enter into a peaceful, open state of mind.  She has a very calming voice and guided me where I needed to be mentally.  Even never having been in a state of hypnosis before, I was able to easily see flashes from the past.  I didn't understand the flashbacks I was experiencing at first, but after awhile they became clearer as we progressed.  I was able to see myself in different lives in two different battles that I fought in, and even gained an understanding of the birthmark I have now that has always plagued me - it was a bullet exit wound!  The visions were extremely powerful and even brought me to tears at one point, and I'm not someone who cries normally.  This was a powerful experience for me.  I encourage anyone who is interested in looking for remedies in this current life to reach out to Sarah, so she can help you use your past to find answers.

Michael J.

My Past Life Regression with Sarah was my first hypnosis experience.  I found her setting to be very professional and comfortable.  Sarah's voice was a calming conduit for the travel back in time I experienced.  The surroundings I visited felt familiar, but not at all what I have experienced in real, present life.  For me, the benefit was a connecting of two generations in my lineage that never had a real opportunity to interact.  To me, this gift was one that provided much solitude in the processing of grief after losing a child.  The two individuals has appeared in dreams before, so having this experience helped solidify the joining of these two souls, very near and dear to my heart.  Thank you, Sarah.

Alia G.

Today I said, "I never knew how much I needed it until I got it!".   A guided relaxation session was everything I needed, and much better than an app or podcast because Sarah gets to know you and customizes sessions so they have the highest probability of success!

Jazmin L.

Sarah is very thorough and knowledgable.  She worked with my 9-year-old through hypnosis to address a food anxiety.

Marisa G.

I have gone to therapy for many years to cope with a life event, and thought I had made peace with it.  Apparently I hadn't.  It came right back up again under hypnosis, when I came in for help for what I thought was just a physical issue.  The two were actually connected.  I felt such a difference in physical pain after participating in emotional energy healing work with Sarah.  I highly recommend this type of hypnosis for anyone struggling with emotional or physical issues doctors can't find the cause of.

John B.

I went into my past life regression session with an open mind, much curiosity, and a strong desire to experience a past life.  Immediately after my first session with Sarah, I was skeptical that I would be able to let go enough to get beyond the energy clearing work we had done to actually experience a past life.  During the second session, Sarah guided me successfully through a past life.  I thought it was an interesting experience but wasn't exactly sure of the full impact it would have.  So far it has affected several areas of my life: a malady I had been struggling with since October was suddenly non-existent, a subconscious habit I have had for many years vanished, and, perhaps the most pronounced benefit, a shift in my thinking occurred.  It is hard to name or explain this shift but what I can say is it includes a marked difference in my perspective and the type of energy I am receiving from people.  My initial expectations of this process have been blown out of the water.  Sarah's passion for helping others, expertise, and genuine kindness have helped me in ways I couldn't have imagined!

Marsha C.

I was not sure what to expect with past life regressions, but I was blown away by what Sarah assisted me in uncovering in my subconscious! Though I seem to have a soul that loves to explore ALL dimensions, she was always encouraging me throughout what I was seeing and experiencing, and excited about whatever I uncovered. Her office is so cozy and relaxing, the chair she uses for her clients is quite possibly the most comfortable thing I’ve ever laid on! I believe that every soul would benefit from doing past life regression work with Sarah.

Brianna A.

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