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Interactive Hypnotic Work

Interactive work is my very favorite kind of Hypnosis to do!  Interactive Hypnosis is an umbrella term of the client and Hypnotist communicating throughout the session(s) to find answers.  It can include a variety of techniques including Emotional Energy Clearing (Enhanced Energy Communication), Current Life and/or Past Life Regressions, etc.

Within the relaxed Hypnotic state, clients are able to talk with me and explain where they are and what they're experiencing visually, physically, and emotionally.  The subconscious is a fascinating place to visit, full of stored memory and experiences.  Sometimes it's straight forward and sometimes it's a maze of imagery to decipher.  I never know what we'll encounter, or how it will be shown to you, so I have to think on my toes to guide you through the process.

Interactive Sessions enlist the help of the subconscious mind and higher self to answer all of your questions.  It's a foreign concept to many people that all answers can be found from within, but I've seen the proof time and time again!  I am continuously amazed by the information that comes each client.  I  am taking notes the whole time and recording the sessions while you talk (if the technology cooperates) for you to refer back to later and see how amazing your mind and higher self truly are.

Most sessions start the same - with a relaxation, followed by an easy exercise to protect your energy (also available on the Audios for Purchase page if you want to try it out), and then onto the interactive portion.  I try to keep the beginning of the sessions the same between clients, and ask open ended questions, to keep my approach as scientific as possible and to prevent false memories.  

In Interactive Sessions, we go DEEP!  I'm not a superficial kind of person, and that certainly doesn't work in my office.  If you're not ready to go deep into those emotions, come in only when you're ready.  We do a lot of work on emotional wounds during Interactive work.  Emotions are kind of like the roots of a tree - some emotional wounds have very established root systems from years of staying in that body of yours, and they need to be uprooted slowly.  Everything shown to you by the subconscious/higher self is for your highest good, including painful things that may emerge for clearing.  Be assured that you don't need to re-experience the nitty-gritty details trauma to clear it in Hypnosis.  As long as we know what it is that's stuck in the body emotionally, we have several ways to go about getting rid of it.

*Please note - Some people come in specifically for Past Life Regressions and others don't know anything about Reincarnation.  I won't push us into Past Life Regression, but I have had some people go there unexpectedly. Depending on the goals a client sets, there have been occasions where I ask if there's anything else connected to a particular issue, and we end up in a past life.  Awareness of this in advance will avoid confusion.  I have learned a great deal myself about reincarnation through my clients, and many have found it liberating to find their own timelessness.  I can answer any questions during our Consultation.

*While Past Life Regressions are truly fascinating, I do them primarily with clients for mental and emotional mental health reasons, and not for entertainment value.  They are often connected with fears, phobias, attractions/aversions, emotional traumas and wounds, some physical/emotional issues, and even relationships.  Regression work should be done with a trained professional in conjunction with emotional clearing techniques, and not through a free website recording for this reason.  I cannot tell you how many cases I've heard of people trying to do this themselves without training or any prior meditation or similar spiritual work. It fuels the fear of past lives when those individuals couldn't navigate what came up.  I've worked people through subsequent nightmares, anxiety attacks, and further trauma.  Let me also state that there are many Past Lives that are free from trauma that the subconscious can bring up - many are beautiful, peaceful, and happy.  The subconscious/higher self shows you whatever is important.  Schedule a New Client Consultation to discuss more about this process or take a look at my blog!

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Scripted Sessions

Scripted Sessions are a much different process than Interactive.  We discuss a plan of what you're looking to change during the New Client Consultation, and then I write "scripts" that speak to the subconscious mind between sessions, each addressing a part of the presenting issue/challenge.  

During the sessions, you just relax and listen and I read through the script speaking to your subconscious.  Most of the "work" is done in session by the Hypnotist and your job is to listen to the recorded session throughout the week at least once a day for each week's script.

There are many benefits to scripted work for people that don't want to go deep into the emotional roots of the presenting issue/challenge.  However, the price point is higher reflecting the increased time between sessions and within sessions to try to figure out the root cause without consulting the subconscious/higher self directly.  Without doing the Interactive work first, there is a fair amount of guess work involved in Scripted sessions.  I'll be upfront and honest in stating the only way I like doing Scripted work is after prior Interactive work.  If your goal is specifically to do scripted work, I have developed some Scripted Sessions available for purchase under Audios for Purchase.  I am slowly adding to this library.  See below for more information. 


Scripted AND Interactive Sessions

The best option is always a combination of Scripted and Interactive Sessions.  It's the best of both worlds.  With these packages, we usually start with Interactive Sessions first.  With the majority of clients, we obtain a lot of information during Interactive Sessions...sometimes multiple pages of information if the subconscious is truly chatty.  That helps me decide what I need focus in on while writing the scripted sessions.  Where there are pros and cons to doing either Interactive or Scripted work, those are alleviated when the two techniques are combined.

Whatever you choose, I will always strive to help you meet your goals in any way I can.  That being said, I can never guarantee an outcome - it really depends on how ready you are deep down for change, healing, and growth.  

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Audios for Purchase

Audios for Purchase is a library of Scripted sessions I have been creating available on this website (check the top right of the main page).  They are a good resource for people that would like to try hypnosis at home for the first time, are not able to financially invest in individual sessions, have disabilities that do not allow for visiting the office (Zoom appointments are also available), or need refreshers after in-person sessions.

Audios for Purchase are similar to what you would experience in-person for Scripted Sessions, without the personalization.  They are recorded in my office in one take, not a sound studio with editing capabilities, so it's exactly what you'd hear during a session.  

You can certainly experience great change from this method of Hypnosis, but that's entirely up to how dedicated to change you are for yourself.  For instance, it only takes some people one session to quit smoking and others take many.  It all depends on the willingness for change and if there are any emotional roots tied to the presenting issue.

As always, you can contact me with any questions or feedback after you invest in an Audio recording

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