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Energy Protection Guided Meditation

Energy Protection Guided Meditation

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The greatest lesson I've learned from doing this work is that we are all energy.  We are impacted at all times by the energy around us, whether we realize it or not.  Energy is impacting us everywhere - what we watch, the music we choose, what we read, our jobs, family members, friends, co-workers, neighborhoods, animals, water/mountains/trees, etc.  


Energy can be positive or negative in nature, and therefore draining or energizing.  It's important to pay attention to how people, places and events impact you.  Protecting your personal energy is a skill that every single one of us should learn, including children.  We are so much more powerful than we realize or have been taught to believe.


This short meditation/hypnosis session is a good start in creating your own protective shield from surrounding energies.  It's a simple but powerful method that can be used any time you need it, day or night.  Start being in control of what energies you choose to attract and repel.  


This short session is also a great way to see how hypnosis would work for you, and experience how similar guided meditation and scripted hypnosis are.  Hint...they are almost identical from what I've found.  In the interest of keeping my work as scientific as possible, I start every session off with a relaxation (meditation/scripted hypnosis) similar to this one.  Investing in this Energy Protection Meditation is a good way to see if my particular style and voice works with your energy.  Just like counseling and therapy, you need to find a Hypnotist that you can trust and feel comfortable with.  My voice and energy won't be for everyone, and that's ok.  


This is a general scripted session.  If you're interested in trying personalized, interactive sessions please contact me directly for your New Client Consultation.  The New Client Consultation gives us up to an hour to meet and get some history, figure out what you are interested in working on, and find a program that is the right fit for you. 


*Buyers will receive links to download this audio product in the Thank You page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.


I wish you the best always,


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