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Youth Baseball Fielding - For Mental Rehearsal and Focus

Youth Baseball Fielding - For Mental Rehearsal and Focus

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This is a general scripted hypnosis session for youth baseball fielding.  This serves as an introduction to using your mind to help improve your baseball performance on the field.  




Please make sure to have your child use the restroom prior to listening, and have him/her listen with headphones in a quiet space before practices and games.  For greater success, have your ball player listen to this recording often until they fully absorb the routine of focusing on their own.  Hypnosis success completely depends on the openness and willingness of the client in wanting a change, so please make sure this is something they want for themselves before making a purchase.


Wishing your ball player a fun season!  If you'd like to go into further depth with an in-person interactive session for additional challenges, I conduct New Client Consultations Monday through Friday afternoons.


All the best to you,


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