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Exploring Relationships Through Regression Hypnosis

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

When people usually think about the uses of hypnosis, the first things that usually come to mind are quitting smoking, weight loss and stage shows. While these are some very effective uses, there are actually hundreds of applications of hypnosis. One of these is for relationships.

Relationships with others…the single most powerful and sought after part of the human experience. Love, acceptance, sincerity, belonging, and connectedness often define the overall satisfaction of life. It doesn’t matter if a person is a billionaire or living in poverty, relationships still define the level of life satisfaction for the majority of humans. Questions about relationships and love can be found by the millions across most facebook and online sites. Searching for the meaning of the individuals you come across, especially in situations of love, are usually top priority.

There are amazing intuitives and psychics who can give you information about your relationships. I’ve been to a couple over the years for clarity myself, especially to find out more about the many alpha female relationships I keep coming across in this lifetime (I have no desire or need to be one myself). Intuitives can offer a wealth of information to you, and I am so grateful the powers-that-be have instilled such gifts on some of us humans. However, there is another way to find your answers yourself if you’re willing to try.

People often think of Hypnotic Regression work in a very narrow focus, where it is in fact very broad with it’s uses. One of these uses is seeing or sensing how relationships with other individuals were planned by you before coming down to earth, and how they have unfolded in other lifetimes. I have found through my own research and work with clients that there are at least three relationship categories - Karmic, Soulmate, and Twin Flame relationships. I’ve heard of false twin flames and other categories but I haven’t found proof myself yet that these actually exist, so I’ll focus on these three. I’ll discuss this more in another post, but we make soul contracts with others before we incarnate on this planet. Some soul contracts are means to bring peace, acceptance and love and others bring challenges (or “contrast”) to our lives. All teach us lessons and expand out knowledge and soul growth.

Brief explanation of the three types of relationships:

Karmic Relationships - Positive or Negative relationships of any sort (i.e. family, friends, strangers, bosses, coworkers, etc.) meant to bring enlightenment and balance to the soul’s experiences. Even when I’d like to deem karma as “good or bad”, it's really just about balance. If your soul experience was to be a victim of another in one lifetime, maybe your role now is to be the aggressor in this lifetime. This occurs until balance is reached by both parties and the soul growth lesson is learned. Like the pendulum I sometimes use in my sessions, it will swing many ways or even in a circle, but it eventually comes to a stopping point when it meets it’s own balance. The same occurs with souls in karmic relationships.

Soulmate Relationships - Souls usually have a number of soulmates, sometimes a small or large number of them depending on the person and life lessons. They are often people you feel immediate comfort with, like you’ve known them forever. Soulmates are not always romantic in nature - they can be friends, family, or strangers you are drawn to as well. You can have many family members and friends that you feel great affection for, but love for soul mates seems to go a step above. Out of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of people that I have come into contact with over my lifetime, I’ve only identified about fourteen that are soul mates.

Twin Flame Relationships - Now, this is a tricky one. Not everyone has a twin flame. In fact, I understand that they are rather rare on our planet from everything I’ve researched. I came across Twin Flames a couple years ago, and I’ve been researching the concept since. I’ve only had one client so far that was a twin flame. I won’t claim to be an expert yet in this area, but souls that are twin flames only have one corresponding counterpart - not many like soulmates. They are a pair of souls with the same vibration and energy…mirror souls. Twin Flames have advanced soul missions of bringing deep, spiritual love to this planet on the soul level. I will defer to a very talented intuitive named Cassady Cayne on this matter - I’ve found her work to be the most positive and informative out there. No one else has come close to explaining it so completely and beautifully as she has.

So, how can Hypnosis help for relationships? In Regression Hypnosis, you can see, sense or feel for yourself how specific relationships occurred in past lives, and gain understanding from your higher self on what part the individuals are supposed to play in your current life. You can find out which type of relationship a person is fulfilling and what life lessons you were attempting to teach yourself with their involvement. So, if you have burning questions regarding any and all relationships in your life…try a Hypnotic Regression to find your own answers.

Until next time, wishing you nothing but the best…Sarah

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