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What are Regressions?

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

What are Regressions?

There are many specific techniques used in hypnosis, and I have found Regression work to be one of the most empowering, enlightening, healing, and transformative of them all. Quite simply stated, Regression work is the process of going back in time to find any answers you seek regarding who you are. This could mean going back in time to different periods in your current life or past lives, depending on what you intend to find out.

When we're "going back in time", we are really connecting with your subconscious mind and higher self. The subconscious mind is equivalent to a super computer that stores all of your knowledge, including things you may block out for whatever reason. Visiting the past via your subconscious memories can help you learn why you act/react a certain way (i.e. about your triggers), where your fears/phobias originated from, why you are attracted to and repelled by any people, places or things, and so much more.

Regressions are an interactive form of hypnosis, where you are able to still give me verbal feedback to any questions I ask the subconscious on your behalf. It's absolutely astounding that you can still speak in a hypnotic state and find the answers you're looking for, but it works!

Current Life, Past Life, Life between Lives Regressions

Where you go in a regression is entirely up to you through the questions you ask, your subconscious mind, and your higher self. The most important part of any regression is being open to the journey. Some people are scared of what they might see and learn, but they shouldn't be. You are completely in control at all times. If your subconscious isn't ready to visit a disturbing or upsetting part in your past, it will lead you elsewhere. However, it is in visiting those moments that the true healing work occurs. This is where multiple sessions are useful. You may not be ready to do deep healing work on your first visit.

Where you go in a regression is also determined by the questions you want answered. If you wanted to have a past life regression performed but ask question such as, "Why am I experiencing all of this pain?", there's a chance the answers may be in your current life. If you ask something more broad, such as "Who was I in my past lives?", then you have more of a chance of going into a past life regression. You can literally ask anything you want to know about yourself in a regression, but where you go in time and the answers you receive are entirely up to your subconscious mind and higher self.

Healing Work and Empowerment

The whole point of some Regression work is to find when and how you were emotionally "injured", and heal parts of yourself that need healing in order to find empowerment in your current life situation. Finding the root cause of triggers, depression, anxiety, anger, pain, etc. is your path to true healing and change.

Sometimes clients want to come in for Past Life Regressions specifically for entertainment value. While it is fascinating to discover who you were in the past, please be aware that regression work often brings up moments that may be emotional. Being aware of this in advance is important. If emotions come up, that's a sign that your subconscious is looking for help with healing to move past whatever you've been holding onto throughout your lifetimes.

Let's chat about empowerment for a minute. Our society seems to live in a constant state of disempowerment. This happens by putting the "power" and control of ourselves in other people's hands. We are taught that power resides outside of ourselves, and this is a tough mental hurtle to overcome. That's why we have doctors, therapists, religious leaders, financial advisors, etc. in our society. Sometimes we don't trust ourselves for answers and other times we are just too tired from everyday life to find answers ourselves. While clients come to Hypnosis for these same reasons, you might find something in Interactive Hypnosis you may not find elsewhere...a partnership. In Interactive Hypnosis, the Hypnotist is not the expert...the Hypnotist partners with your subconscious/higher self to help you find answers. The client is able to take ownership of the journey while the Hypnotist acts as a guide. The hope is that after time working with these methods, clients are eventually able to be their own guides in their understanding and enlightenment. Connecting with all you are and all you have been is the most profound healing work you will ever do.

Choose your own adventure

Regression work is sort of like those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books some of us had in childhood. I never know where we are going to go in a regression and have to think on my feet, so to speak. Sometimes I incorporate EEC work within a regression when needed, or other hypnotic techniques. Everything completely depends on where the client leads me and if we experience areas that need healing.

Why do we have to experience the death in past life work??

If we end up in past life situations, it is important to experience the ending of that life for closure purposes before moving on. Obviously we don't do this for current life regressions. Sometimes the end of life is peaceful, and client's have just drifted out of their bodies. Other times the death may have resulted from something traumatic. If it ends up that there is a traumatic death, have no fear - there are multiple techniques we use to not experience the trauma again.

So, why experience the traumatic death? We are all made of energy. While the whole reincarnation thing isn't still fully understood, it appears that energy from past lives can impact your current lives. There have been studies done that have connected birth marks, port wine stains, and sometimes physical deformities with traumatic events experienced in past lives. Understanding the cause and healing the emotional energy attached to those past lives brings empowerment.

For example, my husband has a large birthmark on his back that he's always hated. When he regressed back to a lifetime as a WWII soldier, we found out that the birthmark was a bullet exit wound received when he and his men were ambushed. He died so suddenly and unexpectedly that it left a mark that carried forward to his current body. Doctors Jim Tucker and Ian Stevenson have found many similar cases in their research working with children who have reported past lives.

Traumatic situations can also account for some current emotional and medial issues. For example, my daughter experienced a lifetime where she was working in a building that caught on fire quickly. I huge wooden beam fell across her abdomen and trapped her there. While her intention of what she wanted to learn was not related to this moment, her higher self must have wanted her to understand that the issues she currently has with anything touching or pressing on her abdomen was related to this event. Sometimes answers come that you aren't expecting.

Loved ones who have passed

When I first began regression work, I didn't have a clue as to how much information a person could really attain through this technique. My clients have been my guides in the questions that have brought with them. One surprising part of regression work is the ability to sometimes connect with loved ones that have passed on. Grandparents, spouses, parents, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. have come through at some point during many regressions - even babies that have been lost from miscarriages and abortion. "Lost" really loses it's power in regression work. No soul is ever truly lost, just born again either to someone else or when the time is right.

Regression Synopsis

I could go on and on about regression work, but let's wrap it up. Age and Past Life Regression work is absolutely amazing. Everyone can benefit from the knowledge, healing, understanding and empowerment from learning how vast and amazing we all are. In a culture that continuously tries to sum us up in categories of class, gender, race, religion, etc....we are so much greater than all of that nonsense. News flash, many of you have had lives as different genders, religions, races and in different countries! Why would someone pick to be the exact same life after life - where is the learning and growing from that?

I hope you have enjoyed this little chat on Regression work and how it can benefit you. As always, please feel free to e-mail be any questions to Please join me on Facebook and Instagram, and help me spread the word about interactive hypnosis!


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